How to access data

How to access data or collaborate

We get lots of requests to use BiB data and to run nested studies within BIB and we make every effort to support these requests. If you are interested in developing a research proposal working with the Born in Bradford (BiB) project or would like to access BiB data to use in a piece of work you wish to undertake then you will need to complete a proforma outlining your proposal


Born in Bradford are embarking on an exciting period of data collection over the next 24 months which will see us complete a new wave clinical and questionnaire assessments for both parents and children. For the next 12 months we are placing a moratorium on proposals which request the collection of new data or samples using the Born in Bradford cohort. We will review this situation in February 2018. If you have any queries please contact the BiB programme director:

Before you contact us, please make sure you have read our Guidance for Collaborators. Our BiB executive review proposals on a monthly basis and we will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you are making a request for an initial idea, or are hoping to use BiB data as a basis for a grant application please complete the ‘Expression of interest’ proforma available here

If you have a detailed idea of the data you wish to access you can complete a ‘Research Proposal’ proforma, available here. We would advise you to contact a member of the BiB team priorto this to discuss the types of information available.

Please send completed forms to the Programme Director