What is BiBBS?

We are inviting families that live in the Better Start Bradford area to join our Born in Bradford family by becoming part of the BiBBS cohort. We hope to recruit around 5000 mums, partners and new babies over the life of the Better Start Bradford programme.

The BiBBS research is going to help show the impact that the Better Start Bradford programme is having on children and their families. This will help us to plan healthier and happier lives for families who live in the city of Bradford and across England.

If you are eligible to join the BiBBS cohort you will be contacted by a member of our BiBBS team who will ask you to take part. If you want to know more about BiBBS or how you can get involved, please contact a member of our team.

If you would like to request an information sheet or would like to find out more about our research please contact:

01274 364474



Lead: Josie Dickerson

BiBBS Coordinator: Rifat Razaq

SystmOne Specialist: Richard Scholes

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