Eye Health

Impact of poor vision in children

Dr Alison Bruce has studied the vision levels of children within the BiB cohort. She found that 8% of the children had reduced vision and 4% had very poor vision when tested in their first year of school. The vast majority of these problems could be treated by wearing glasses.

She has also found that 27% of children failed to attend an arranged appointment (eye clinic or local optician) even after two reminders and that a significant number of children fail to adhere to the wearing of their glasses. She is interviewing BiB parents to find out the problems they encounter with their children wearing glasses.

Alison has carried out research into the relationship between reduced eyesight and early developing literacy (a measure of the letters and words the children know) and found that reduced vision in young children (age 4-5 years) impacts on their early reading ability with a reduction of around 2% for every 1 line reduction in vision. She is currently following up a group of children to investigate the long-term effect of reduced vision on literacy development.