Growing Up

Between 2007-2011 Born in Bradford recruited over 12,500 families in Bradford to one of the biggest health research studies in the world.

We collected detailed information on wellbeing and health to answer important questions about why some families stay healthy and others fall ill.

Now, all of the BiB children have started school, so we would like to collect new information to find out how lives have changed for our BiB families over the last 6-10 years. This is the first time we are revisiting all of our families again since the study started, and we are calling this study BiB Growing Up!

Between 2017-2019 we will be travelling across Bradford, asking BiB families to leap aboard the Big BiB Bus. You can find out about more about the bus, and where it is now, by clicking here.

Our research will be used to help policy makers and professionals in health and education develop public health interventions, and to improve services locally, nationally, and internationally.


You can read our Information Sheets that explain more about the study below.

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