Bradford Genes and Health

South Asian people have some of the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes, and poor health in the UK.

Genes & Health is a research study set up to help fight against these and other major diseases. We are currently recruiting volunteers in East London Genes & Health (2015-), Bradford Genes & Health (2019-) and Manchester Genes & Health (2022-).

By involving large numbers of local Bangladeshi and Pakistani people, the study hopes to find new ways of improving health for communities in the UK and worldwide.

About the study

Genes & Health is a huge long-term study of 100,000 people of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin. We will link genes with health records, to study disease and treatments. Some volunteers may be invited for further studies. We are inviting volunteers to take part in two regions of the UK: East London (East London Genes & Health) and Bradford (Bradford Genes & Health).

Taking part is easy and quick, and involves providing a saliva (spit) sample and completing two short forms.

Bangladeshi and Pakistani people are the largest ethnic minority groups in East London. Pakistani people are the largest ethnic minority group in Bradford. In the UK as a whole these groups have five times the rates of diabetes than the rest of the population, and suffer poorer health by a number of other measures including cardiovascular disease and mental health.

Our study will look at the genetic makeup of volunteers and help researchers to understand more about the nature of disease in the community. Findings will also help researchers understand more about various health conditions that affect the population at large.

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