Age of Wonder

BiB Age of Wonder is a seven-year project capturing the journey through adolescence and adulthood for all teenagers in Bradford. We are working in partnership with secondary schools and young people across the district to create a detailed picture of every aspect of what it’s like to grow up in Bradford.

The Story so far:

Born in Bradford (BiB) is one of the largest and most exciting health research studies in the world; since 2007, we have been tracking the health and wellbeing of over 13,000 Bradford children from birth, and finding out why some people become ill and others do not. BiB findings have so far highlighted the harm of air pollution, how the urban environment affects our health, the impact of our diet and exercise and the early causes of diabetes and heart disease, among others. We have also developed new treatments and policies to protect the health of our children and have raised multi-million pound investment in the city.

The original BiB cohort is now in their teenage years. As our young people move into adolescence, and then adulthood, they are experiencing many changes to their bodies, their minds, their emotions and their social lives. They are also experiencing this in a time of unparalleled disruption and uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic. BiB Age of Wonder is capturing this journey through adolescence and adulthood for the BiB cohort and their peers.

What’s involved?

This is not a short-term project – we are working with schools to embed this programme of research and opportunities for the long-term, empower young people, and support long-lasting change. To do this, and to accurately capture young people’s experiences, we are gathering insights and information from a variety of sources, these include:

All of the research is covered by the very highest levels of confidentiality and data security, and we are asking parents to consent to their children taking part in the study. For more information, please see our information sheets.

Benefits to Schools:

By taking part, schools will be part of the largest study of adolescence in the world! Schools will also receive detailed feedback on the health and wellbeing of their student population, opportunities to upskill students in areas of STEM, digital technology and the Arts and have direct input into services and interventions. As a thank you for taking part and the administrative time taken to implement this work, schools also receive £500 remuneration for every year of participation.

Benefits to Young People:

Taking part in BiB: Age of Wonder means being part of the largest study of adolescence in the world! This puts Bradford’s young people at the forefront of public health research both nationally and internationally. Age of Wonder also enables young people to have their voice heard; all aspects of the project are coproduced with young people, to make sure that young people dictate what we focus on, highlight what’s important to them, and pinpoint ways we can inspire change. Age of Wonder also provides young people opportunities to gain valuable experience and skills through things like work shadowing, attending skills workshops, being project ambassadors, joining advisory panels, creating social media content, and engaging in citizen science.

What’s Next?

We are contacting all schools across the district to give them information about the project and invite them to participate. Several schools have already signed up and data collection has begun – your school could be next!


Schools – please follow this link to leave your contact details and the team will be in touch!

Parents / Students – please complete and submit the form below.

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