Born in Bradford Age of Wonder cohort: A protocol for qualitative longitudinal research

Publication authors

Sufyan Abid Dogra, Kate Lightfoot, Rosslyn Kerr, Jennifer Hall, Olivia Joseph, Nasiba Siddig, Hannah Nutting, Katy A. Shire, Helen Roberts, Neil Small, Rosemary R.C. McEachan, John Wright


Born in Bradford (BiB) has followed the lives of 13,776 children born in the district between 2007 and 2011. Children in the birth cohort are now entering adolescence, and the next phase of the research – Age of Wonder (AoW) – will be a whole city cohort capturing the experiences of 30,000 adolescents progressing into young adulthood. This protocol focuses on one component of the AoW programme: qualitative longitudinal research (QLR). The study will gather in depth and detailed accounts from a sub-sample of 100 young people across four major research priorities: personal life; social and community life; growing up with difference, and growing up in Bradford. As well as using traditional qualitative methods such as interviews, focus group discussions, and ethnography, we are adopting innovative creative methods including expressions through art, activism, online and digital content, portraits, and critical events. The process of engaging in and co-producing QLR potentially provides a route to empowering young people to shape the narrative of their own lives as well as informing intervention development.