Talking Together: An early evaluation of a home-based language support programme for families of children aged 2 years

This project took place to provide evidence of promise for a Bradford home-visiting programme, Talking Together, which works with parents to enrich the home learning environment of children from culturally and linguistically diverse families across Bradford. Talking Together is one of the interventions funded by Better Start Bradford. Using an intervention and waiting control group design, the feasibility of conducting a robust trial of the programme within the context of existing service delivery was assessed. In addition, the potential impact of the programme on both parent and child outcomes was evaluated.

The project identified that it was feasible to carry out a full randomised controlled trial of Talking Together. It also identified evidence of promise for Talking Together – children understood more words, and parents reported more warmth towards their children, in the intervention group as compared to the waiting group control.

The full results of the project can be found here: