Supporting Young Bradford

Supporting Young Bradford is an 18 month project which will explore how family working lives impact on emotional support given to young people from different backgrounds, households and parts of Bradford. Adolescence and transition into adulthood are high-risk periods for the onset of mental ill health. Emotional support is a vital asset for young people during transitional periods, acting as a buffer to protect their mental wellbeing. However, there is a lack of research exploring the complex factors influencing the level and quality of emotional support that families are able to provide, including families’ working patterns (including location, hours, shifts, pressures, responsibilities and unemployment). The study is embedded within ActEarly and as such we will be using a mixed-methods, community-focused ‘appreciative inquiry’ approach to co-produce policy and practice recommendations on how best to alleviate inequalities and improve support for young people and their families. For more information visit Supporting Young Bradford (