Creating energetic and sustainable community research partnerships. Developing the Co-production and Peer Research (CoPPer) network to improve health and reduce inequality

We have spent several years working with communities across the city whereby diverse populations have provided tremendous support to our research efforts.  This has helped us build a solid evidence base on how to improve the health and well-being of a city-wide population.  Working together on so many research projects has boosted confidence and trust in the work we have undertaken, and as a consequence, has given rise to an interest amongst community organisations to join us as equal partners in producing and delivering research.  This call provided a perfect opportunity to make this happen.

One quote from one of our community partner organisations is worth including – “I chose to work in collaboration with the BIHR on this project, because it was an excellent opportunity to learn more in the field of research as well as encourage local people to engage in research activities. We have so much to learn and give as a community, that I thought it was paramount for Abilities Together to contribute our efforts in making this a success”.      Tahira Amin – Abilities Together.

Aims of the project

 The aim of this project is to establish the CoPPeR network, a sustainable model to enable seldom-heard communities, researchers and policy makers to work together in order to develop and deliver research to improve the health of communities.

The main objectives are to:

  • Develop long term relationships with community organisations who work with seldom heard groups.
  • Co-produce community led, peer-research projects on community priorities.
  • Explore barriers and enablers to co-production and peer-research with seldom heard communities.
  • Co-produce a sustainable model for the CoPPeR network
  • Explore the readiness of research and statutory organisations to embed the CoPPeR network in activities.