Born in Bradford: an international biomedical resource for exploring early determinants of health

We want to develop the Born in Bradford resource and make it available to more scientists.

Born in Bradford is unique. We established this study with input from the public, as well as health practitioners and scientists, to make sure that it could answer health questions that were important to all of these groups.  Informed by these views, BiB began in 2007 and has collected a large amount of information on 12,453 women who experienced 13,776 pregnancies and had 13,818 children.  Information from 3,448 of the women’s partners has been collected.

Over half of the families are of South Asian origin.  South Asian people are more likely to have diabetes and heart disease and in this study we will be able to learn more about what causes these diseases.  This is the largest study that has very detailed tests for diabetes in pregnancy and a large amount of health information on mothers and children.

We will develop BiB by:

  • Producing an effective system for managing all of the biological samples
  • Linking participants to more information in health and education systems
  • Making all existing and newly collected information available to the scientific community
  • Continuing engagement with the public