BETTER4U (Preventing obesity through Biologically and bEhaviourally Tailored inTERventions for you)

BETTER4U is a consortium of 28 organisations from across Europe in addition to institutions from Israel and Australia. It aims at the identification and personalized management of all weight gain determinants to battle the increasingly rising numbers of overweight/obesity, via homogenous, globally adaptable, and practically assessed public health initiatives and key interventions. Building on previous key projects and biobanks, the project will focus on the hitherto neglected impact of the polygenic background of weight gain on the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for weight management in people with overweight/obesity. BETTER4U aims to probe into the global obesity challenge, study the problem and offer solutions in a tangible realistic way with the assistance of modern AI technologies and the contribution of experts around the world. BiB will be involved in the testing and validation of approaches and ideas.