Celebrating one of the largest teen health studies in the world

HEALTH researchers, young people, teachers, and community members will be celebrating the successes of the Born in Bradford: Age of Wonder project by sharing findings and awarding participants for their contributions so far.

BiB: Age of Wonder- which is a seven-year project capturing the journey through adolescence and adulthood for all teenagers in Bradford- stages its first WonderFest celebration at The Midland Hotel, Bradford on Saturday 13th July.

The team will be sharing some of the latest findings on young people’s health and wellbeing during a ‘game-show’ style interactive session, followed by an exclusive premiere of a documentary where attendees will hear directly from Bradford’s young people on their daily lives growing up in Bradford.

Owen, one of the young people featured in the documentary, said: “I really enjoyed spending time with Pish and Kimia, it was great to be able to share who I am, what I like to do and who my friends are.”

After lunch, Born in Bradford will also be celebrating the continued support of young people, schools, teachers, and parents through an award ceremony to finish off the afternoon.

The head of the Born in Bradford research programme, Professor John Wright, said: “With the amazing support from the schools and young people in the city, Born in Bradford’s Age of Wonder has collected data from over 8,000 teenagers so far. This has revealed vital insights into the lives of our young people – from their lifestyles and environment to social media use and mental health. This study was co-designed by young people and aims to use its finding to improve their lives as they grow up. Wonderfest will be a great way to celebrate all their support and share with them some of the early findings.”

Attendees will also get to visit our interactive stalls and hear about the different questions the team are working on right now. How might our skin care routine impact our health? How can faith settings be places of health promotion? How might social media impact our health? How can young people can affect change in Bradford? Come along on the 13th to find out!

Tickets are available for the day and Born in Bradford are inviting any young people, teachers, researchers or community members who would like to attend- https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/bibaow-wonderfest24/born-in-bradford-age-of-wonder-presents-wonderfest-2024/2024-07-13/12:00/t-yakgznq


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