About Bradford

Bradford is the 6th largest city in the UK, with a multi-ethnic population of more than 500,000 people. However Bradford suffers from high levels of deprivation as well as having some of the highest rates of childhood illness in the UK.

About BiB

Born in Bradford is helping to unravel the reasons for this ill health and bring new scientific discovery to the world. It is also providing a catalyst for communities to work with the NHS and local authority to improve child health and wellbeing.

BiB Breathes

Our new BiB Breathes project is all about pollution. Please help us by filling in our survey.

BiB Families: Your copy will be dropping through your letter box or email inbox soon and one of our team may get in touch with you via phone. Please wait for your personal invitation before responding.

General Public: If you are not part of the BiB cohort (e.g. didn’t sign up to the project during pregnancy between 2007-2011) you can complete your survey here.

(Remember – if you are already a BiB participant you will receive a questionnaire through post or via email or we will call you. Please wait for this invitation before taking part).

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What BiB parents say

“Have you thought more about your family’s health because you are part of the BiB cohort?”

“I have learnt about different kinds of genetic illnesses and about allergies that people have. I am much more aware of eating and what to avoid. My daughter has got an asthma pipe and I know about what can be done to prevent asthma. I am dusting more now, particularly the beds.”

Our Current Studies


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