My Life My City

BiB Age of Wonder is a seven-year project capturing the journey through adolescence and adulthood for all teenagers in Bradford. We are working in partnership with secondary schools and young people across the district to create a detailed picture of every aspect of what it’s like to grow up in Bradford.

Creative expressions are key to painting this picture and our new

short movie competition, My Life, My City, looks to put the brush

firmly in your hands! This competition is for young people (aged 11-

18) living in the Bradford district. In this competition, we will ask you

to create a 5 minute movie using your mobile phone. You can edit

your movie using free editing apps (e.g. iMovie, InShot, Quik). Your

movie can be in any style (e.g. documentary, animation, cartoon,

musical) but must focus on one of these three themes:

1. My Life – capturing your unique journey growing up from birth to the present day. You can use old photos and family clips to share your journey, your family life, and showcase how you’ve changed over the years. This is your personal story and you have free reign to make it yours!

2. My City – capturing what life is like in Bradford, from the unique perspective of a young person in Bradford district. Capture Bradford in the ways only a young Bradfordian can!

3. My Life, My City – capturing both your journey growing up using family clips and life in Bradford.

If this sounds like something for you, you can enter this exciting competition by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Scan the QR code or click here to register your interest.

We will then contact your parent or guardian to get their consent. We will also send updates on any upcoming training/ submission process to the email addresses you provide for you and your parent/guardian.

STEP 2: Begin to get excited and start planning all your potential ideas and how you would like to create your movie.

STEP 3: Start creating your movie! Need some help making your movie? You can learn new skills on movie making by attending one of our workshops (first workshop running in August) and regular drop-in sessions. Or research the process by using our useful resources on film making (find below).

STEP 4: Submit your movie before the 1st of October. We will send you a link where you can upload your movie closer to the date!

The movies will be reviewed during the end of the year by our panel of media professionals who will judge all movie entries and select the top 15. The top five movies will receive a £500 voucher each!! The ten next-placed movies (movies 6-15) will receive a voucher of £100 each! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Resources to Get You Started:

Keen to crack on? There are lots of useful instructional videos, tips, and advice available on these channels: