Baroness Betty Lockwood of Dewsbury

Baroness Lockwood was the first Patron of Born in Bradford. We sorry to report that she has died, she was 95 years old. When Born in Bradford was in its very early days Baroness Lockwood was Chancellor of the University of Bradford. She was very active in the House of Lords and had a long and distinguished career not least as the first chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission. She had a deep and lasting commitment to seeking equality, particularly for women in the workplace, and a commitment to pursue educational opportunities for all. Friends and colleagues involved with Born in Bradford will remember her involvement in the early days of the study and parents might remember her presence at the BiB Party in Park events in the years when we met in Lister Park. Even in her early 90’s Baroness Lockwood was enthusiastic about supporting those causes she felt would further her wish that everyone could enjoy all of life’s opportunities.

Neil Small, University of Bradford, June 2019.


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