Perinatal Mental Health

It is common for parents to experience changes to their mood and feelings during pregnancy and after their baby’s birth. These changes can sometimes last for weeks or months. We call these changes perinatal mental health difficulties. Specialist perinatal mental health services have been set up to support pregnant or postnatal women who have the highest mental health needs. Sometimes there can be things that get in the way of women getting the help that they need. We want to better understand how, when, and why some people do not have equal or fair chances of being helped.

We are looking for volunteers across West Yorkshire who have been pregnant anytime between 2018 and 2021. We want to talk to people about their experiences of emotional health and wellbeing support during and after pregnancy

We would like to hear from women who were offered a specialist mental health service, including if they did not continue to use the service. We would also like to hear from women who felt they needed support but did not get it at the time, for whatever reason

For taking part you will be thanked with a £20 voucher for your time

Please get in touch:

Phone: 01274 364474

Text: 07940 470294


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