Cohort Profile Update: Born in Bradford

Publication authors

Rosemary R C McEachan, Gillian Santorelli, Aidan Watmuff, Dan Mason, Sally E Barber, Daniel D Bingham, Philippa K Bird, Laura Lennon, Dan Lewer, Mark Mon-Williams, Katy A Shire, Dagmar Waiblinger, Jane West, Tiffany C Yang, Deborah A Lawlor, Kate E Pickett, John Wright


Key Features

  • Born in Bradford (BiB) is a multi-ethnic birth cohort in Bradford, UK, which recruited 12 453 women with 13 776 pregnancies and 3448 of their partners between 2007 and 2011.

  • Routine health and education data have been collected since birth and cohort subsamples have been followed up to age 5 years. Metabolomics and genetic data are available for ∼11 000 mothers and ∼9000 children. The cohort works closely with communities and health and education providers using findings to influence policy.

  • This update summarizes the most recent follow-up in school and community settings when children were aged 6–11 years and key findings from the cohort.

  • Extensive new data for BiB families have been collected, including questionnaires, cognitive and sensorimotor development, built and natural environment measures, biological samples, with continued record linkage.

  • Measures of wellbeing and cognitive/sensorimotor development were extended to include non-BiB children in a whole-school recruitment approach.

  • Applications to use data are invited via our website (