Age of Wonder

BiB Age of Wonder, is a 7 year study capturing this journey through adolescence and adulthood for the BiB cohort and their peers. We aim to work in partnership with Secondary schools and young people across the district to create a detailed picture of every aspect of what it’s like to grow up in Bradford.

This will include:


  • Collecting a range of information from young people in years 8-10 using surveys completed in school. These modules will be completed each year, and will cover topics such as physical and mental wellbeing, health and social inequalities, and will be produced in partnership with young people and schools to ensure we are capturing the things that are important to them
  • Collecting measurements and biological samples from young people in year 9 in school. This will give a detailed picture of the physical health of young people in the district, and inform the services that aim to tackle systemic health issues such as diabetes and obesity.
  • Working with Secondary schools to embed the research into the curriculum. We want to use the research to inspire young people in STEM, digital technologies and the Arts and give unique opportunities for skills building.
  • Using the collected data to allow us to provide schools, services and policy makers with crucial information to better understand young people’s perspectives, measure recovery from the pandemic, and design new targeted interventions to improve the life chances of young people in Bradford.