Data Analyst

Job Description

Job summary

At the Bradford Institute for Health Research, we are the epicenter of two of the UK’s most prominent and captivating health research initiatives: Born in Bradford and Connected Bradford.

Our mission is to forge a healthier and fairer future for children residing in underserved areas. We are driven by the belief that transforming the environments that shape health and life prospects is the path to change.

Realising this vision calls for substantial and sustainable transformations in the broader early-life environments that profoundly influence our well-being. Thanks to a significant grant, we are poised to develop the Secure Data Environment (SDE) and create innovative processes, enabling analysts to access Connected Bradford data, thereby driving advancements in health and equity.

Main duties of the job

Are you an organised, motivated, and enthusiastic data analyst? Are you ready to contribute to the creation of the Secure Data Environment for Connected Bradford? This unique opportunity awaits you at the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR).


  • Collaborate within the Connected Bradford team as a crucial member.
  • Utilise your technical skills to work across various database and statistical packages.