Anabel Martinez Colin joined in April 2023 as a member of the IT research team. She is a database manager, and her task involves developing creative and novel solutions to manage and improve the utility and quality of Born in Bradford data. Anabel brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the role, enabling her to arrive at strategic insights about current data processes and develop future strategies to improve data management. One of her early contributions has been to expedite ETL processes by implementing Python solutions in combination with established data practices, an example being the harnessing of the power of Python programming to improve the through-put of online consenting, which has made the process significantly more timely and efficient.

Anabel had a well-established career as an IT consultant in Mexico, moving in 2021 to the UK to pursue her MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics qualification. She has been involved in IT projects to improve biometric authentication, pensions, and financial inclusion in Mexico, Latin America, and Africa.

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