BiB Breaths

What’s in the air? School pupils to become air pollution scientists

BiB Breathes is an exciting new study in which primary school children in Bradford will have the opportunity to become citizen scientists and measure air pollution as they walk to and from school. 

Over 200 children from 12 schools in Bradford will be provided with portable monitoring packs that they can wear as they walk around, this will tell us not just how much pollution children are exposed to but also when and where the highest exposures happen.   The monitors measure the concentration of particulate matter pollution, these are tiny particles that can come from traffic and industry and which can damage our heart and lungs.  Children are particularly affected by exposure to air pollution, so it’s important to understand how much pollution they are breathing.

A short documentary about air pollution in Bradford is here:

Next year Bradford Council will introduce a Clean Air Zone in Bradford to try and reduce the amount of pollution in the city.  Pupils will measure before and after the introduction of the clean air zone so we can see if it changes the amount of pollution that children breathe.   The findings of this study will be of use not just in Bradford but to researchers, doctors and city councils across the UK. This National Institute for Health Research funded project is a collaboration between Born in Bradford, the Universities of Leeds and York, Bradford Council and St Stephen’s CoE Primary School