Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK we have been living in extraordinary times with many changes to our daily lives. We have been working with the local NHS, education and council services during this time and we were asked to help them find out really important information about the difficulties that families in Bradford are now facing.

During spring 2020, we asked all our BiB families who had been involved in our Growing Up study, and our BiBBS families to fill in a survey about their experience during the COVID-19 lockdown. We asked questions about their financial situation, mental and physical health, the home environment and their worries about lockdown. We also asked our BiB children and young people to fill in a survey about how they were finding the lockdown, we asked questions about what activities they had been doing, how they finding doing schoolwork, what they had enjoyed about lockdown and what worries they had.

We found that 1 in 3 families were struggling with their finances, and 2 in 5 parents have low mood and anxiety. We have shared these findings with our local NHS and Council who are now working to support local families. To find out more about our lockdown findings, please visit:

From October 2020, we will be contacting our BiB and BiBBS families again to understand how the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting them now. We will be asking parents about their mental and physical health, including whether they have had COVID-19 symptoms in the last few months, how people access support and how COVID-19 has affected families’ finances. We are also asking our BiB children and young people how they are finding being back at school, their physical and mental health and what activities they have been doing.