Research midwives: look at the evidence!

Publication authors

Farrar D, Syson J, Germaine T, Airey R.


Evidence based practice underpins modern healthcare and includes the use of research knowledge, consideration of an individual’s circumstances and their personal preferences. Maternal and child health care interventions aim to prevent disease and disability and promote health and wellbeing. Before interventions are brought into practice the benefits and risks should be adequately evaluated to ensure clinicians and those receiving the interventions fully understand the potential effects. A multidisciplinary team approach to the development of research initiatives is advantageous. The team should include clinicians, researchers and service users working together to answer important clinical questions. It is our view that clinical research midwives are pivotal to the success of maternal and child health improvement initiatives. For example they can help reduce the gap between clinical practice and research by making research understandable to clinicians and applicable to practice by working in partnership with academics.