Profiling Movement and Gait Quality Characteristics in Pre-School Children.

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Fine, Edward J.; Fine, Debra L.


This article answers the questions presented in the article “Neurognostics” (see record 2012-24428-006) The subject of the neurognostic question was Richard Caton V, who was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in 1842. He was the son of Richard Caton IV, MD. His father died suddenly when he was only age eight. After he finished secondary school, he worked in a bank to support himself and his family, until a relative gave him money to attend the University of Edinburgh Medical School. Richard Caton V graduated in 1867 with the BM and Ch. M. Three years later Caton received the MD with a gold medal for writing a thesis that described his observations of migration of white cells in the formation of pus (Caton, 1871). We shall provide evidence in the following paragraphs that Caton demonstrated the presence of electrical currents from the cerebral cortex of animals and discovered the contingent negative variation, the visual and somatosensory cortical evoked responses. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)