Healthy and Active Parenting Programme for the early Years: HAPPY

Mothers who are overweight are more likely to have infants that become overweight so pregnant women with a Body mass Index (BMI), a height to weight ratio, of 25 or more are being asked to join this research programme.

The programme teaches women how to reduce their BMI and to ensure their children are growing up with healthy diets and healthy levels of physical activity; it consists of 12 group sessions, six before the birth of the baby and six after. The groups are led by Early Years workers experienced in working with families and young children. Parents are contacted again when the baby is 6 and 12 months old and at 12 months there is a home visit where mum and baby are weighed and measured and mum is asked questions about baby’s feeding habits, being a parent, physical activity and lifestyle.

The programme is being evaluated as a part of a feasibility trial.