Born in Bradford hosts International Conference on Child Health Inequalities

Born in Bradford will be hosting the 10th International Network for Research on Inequalities in Child Health conference on 7th and 8th June at Kala Sangam in Bradford.

The conference has attracted world-leading researchers from the UK, and as far away as Australia and the United States.

The researchers will discuss child health inequalities, develop solutions and share good practice. There will be presentations on how adverse childhood experiences can affect later life, lessons learned to reduce child health inequalities, and what Bradford is doing to help give children the best start in life. There will also be panels from Bradford policy makers to discuss how the research can put into practice.

The delegates will also have a chance to explore Bradford during their stay. The conference dinner will be held in Bradford City Hall, and delegates will have the chance to tour Little Germany and Saltaire.

Professor John Wright, director of Bradford Institute of Health Research said: “We are excited to be hosting INRICH in Bradford, and to have the chance to showcase all of the innovative research, such as Born in Bradford, that is establishing Bradford as an internationally recognised City of Research”

On Friday 8th June, the conference will host a public lecture by Richard Wilkinson to launch The Inner Level, follow-up to the international bestseller, The Spirit Level.

Professor Picket one of the conference Directors and co-author of The Inner Level said: “My work with Born in Bradford and Better Start Bradford is a highlight of my research career, and so I am delighted that we will be launching our new book in Bradford on Friday”.


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